Let's offer our neighbors in need
        the healthiest foods possible.

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Manna stands committed to providing the healthiest food possible to our clients – that’s why we pack all of our bags for all of our pantries and programs based on USDA Standards for a Healthy Diet. We are the only provider in the region that packs our bags using these standards. Please help us provide nutritionally balanced food by donating most needed items.

Most Needed Items:

Breakfast Foods (individually packaged oatmeal and grits)
Canned Fruit (15 oz. can, in natural juice)
Spaghetti Sauce or Pasta Sauce (24 oz. can)
Plain Spaghetti Noodles (1 lb. bag)
Plain Rice (1 lb. bag)
Dried Beans (1 lb. bag)
Peanut Butter (18 oz. container)
Canned Chicken (13 oz.)
Individual Microwaveable Soups (10-15 oz.)(for backpack programs)
Hormel Compleats (9 oz.)(for backpack programs)
Individual Serving Peanut Butters (1.5 oz.)(for backpack programs)

We also accept and appreciate all non-perishable food donations. To ensure food safety, we cannot take any rusty or unlabeled cans, perishable items, homemade items, noncommercial canned or packaged goods, alcoholic beverages, or items that have been used or opened.

To coordinate a food drive, please fill out the Food Drive Registration Form. For more information, call (850)432-2053 or fooddrives@mannahelps.org.

Donation Dropoffs

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