PensaCan: Demolish Hunger, Design Hope!

PensaCan 2022 was a success!

PensaCan 2022 was a success, raising the equivalent of 16,820 healthy meals for neighbors in need in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties through donations of food and funds to Manna. In total, the event has now provided more than 58,050 healthy meals to the hungry since its start in 2006!

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Florida Northwest again partnered with Manna for this year’s PensaCan: Demolish Hunger, Design Hope. PensaCan is a competition where architectural firms and community amateurs create impressive structures made entirely out of full cans of food. Following a week-long display of the structures at Cordova Mall, all food is donated to Manna for distribution to the hungry of Northwest Florida.

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People's Choice Award Voting has closed. A panel of judges also voted on the structures in the remaining categories. Winners were announced in the following categories:

Best Nutrition Award – Bullock Tice Associates (BTA), Today’s Word is “Manna”

Best Graphics Award – Ascend Performance Materials, Crayola Crayon Box

Structural Ingenuity Award – Dalrymple | Sallis Architecture, Chew Chew Train

Best Video Award – STOA Architects, Slinky Dog

Most Valuable Award – DAG Architects, Boombox

Honorable Mention Award – Pensacola High School Engineering Club, Cansformer: Demolishing Hunger through STEM

Jurors’ Favorite Award – Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC), Wishing to End Hunger

People’s Choice Award – Dalrymple | Sallis Architecture, Chew Chew Train

Check out pictures of the 2022 builds below!

Ascend Performance Materials: Crayola Crayon Box

Bullock Tice Associates: Today's Word is "Manna"

DAG Architects: Boombox

Dalrymple | Sallis Architecture: Chew Chew Train

Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC): Wishing to End Hunger

LandrumHR: The Can Van

Pensacola High School Engineering Club: Cansformer - Demolishing Hunger Through STEM

STOA Architects: Slinky Dog