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Manna Programs and Services

Pantry Services
At this time, Manna is not serving food to the general public. We are serving our neighbors in need through our programs and partners. Please reach out to 2-1-1 (dial 211) for information on resources in your area. 
School Resource Officer Food Program

The School Resource Officer Food Program is a partnership with Pensacola Police Department and the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office to provide School Resource Officers (SROs) at 28 schools with food for students who’ve identified themselves as being in need. SROs utilize the food as a tool to have deeper conversations with students about life at home, academic performance, behavior, and more. The SROs tell us that it’s working, and in addition, SROs have also identified whole family units struggling with food insecurity during home visits. We supply each family member with a 5-day supply of healthy groceries, and more importantly, the relationship between the officer and the family is strengthened.

Ministry Village at Olive

This partnership provides food bags to clients enrolled in The Ministry Village at Olive’s Tender Hearts Caring Hands financial stability class. Manna supplies groceries to individuals and families who participate in this program. Furnishing groceries alleviates additional financial burden as well as provides a meaningful opportunity to put the class experience into practical application by offering an instant reduction in expenses. This allows the family to utilize that money for savings, debt reduction or to make other needed purchases. 

The Backpack4Teens Program is a collaboration with the Santa Rosa County School District that enables trained school personnel to connect Unaccompanied Youth (mostly homeless 10th-12th graders living in cars, parks or on the streets) with Manna's resources. Food is a critical stabilizing factor for these students, and it reduces the likelihood that they will engage in risky or illegal behavior to obtain food. 
Healthy Seniors Food Program at Westminster Village
The Healthy Seniors Food Program provides a 10-day supply of healthy food each month to low-income senior citizens residing at Westminster Village, a low-income rental retirement community. This program benefits 140-150 seniors who must often choose between buying food or medications. The program improves their access to healthy food and in turn improves the nutritional quality of their diet, by consistently providing them with a minimum of 70% of the daily serving recommendations for a healthy diet. 
Tummy Bundles
This collaboration with United Way of West Florida and the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast was designed to provide seven healthy weekend meals to children participating in an after-school program at Montclair Elementary. Adequate nutrition is essential for the growing minds of our youth. Tummy Bundles is designed to alleviate the excess burden of hunger for the children participating in the Boys & Girls Clubs program that is focused on improving educational and health outcomes. This program is generously supported by the Bear Family Foundation (
Gulf Coast Kid's House and Santa Rosa Kids' House
Manna partners with Gulf Coast Kid's House (GCKH) and Santa Rosa Kids' House (SRKH) to provide emergency food bags at their facilities to distribute to the families and children they serve. Prior to this collaboration, their advocates would have to refer families to other resources for emergency food. This presented a problem especially when children are placed on the weekend or in the middle of the night, resulting in a lapse of time when the children and their guardians could access emergency food assistance. This partnership now provides the families in need with immediate access to food. GCKH and SRKH are children's advocacy centers that facilitate the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse and neglect, and promote child abuse prevention and awareness through community education.

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