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Since you are under the age of 18, you will need to have a parent of gaurdian with you while you volunteer. You will also need to download and have this form filled out before you volunteer.


Volunteers at Manna are appreciated during the following hours: Monday-Friday 9a-12p and 1p-5p. When would you like to volunteer?


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Dress Code

Wear comfortable, modest clothing. Closed toed shoes are required in the warehouse and pantry. Wear your nametag. Please no short shorts, tank tops, bare midriffs or low cut tops. Proper undergarments are to be worn, and pants must be worn at the waist. No clothing that is printed with offensive material (i.e. foul language, nudity, drugs, alcohol, etc.) is permitted.

Liability Waiver & Media Release Agreement

This agreement is made and entered into by and between Manna Food Bank, Inc. (a not-for-profit corporation, hereafter referred to as “MANNA”), and the above volunteer(s). Whereas, MANNA provides support for the hungry in Northwest Florida and whereas the forenamed group/individual(s) desire(s) to volunteer at MANNA offices or in offsite locations, the forenamed group/individual(s) hereby agree(s) that his/their use of such facilities shall be undertaken by him/them at his/their sole risk and responsibility, and that MANNA shall not be liable to him/them for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action which may occur in respect of any injury or damages, direct or indirect, known or unknown, and from all acts, whether negligent or otherwise, on the part of MANNA, its employees, agents, or other volunteers, which may arise out of or be connected with the use of the aforesaid facilities. In signing below, I also authorize MANNA to publish any photographs or media relating to my volunteer service, including press releases, reports, flyers, e-Newsletter, website and/or social media sites.

Confidentiality Policy

The Confidentiality Policy for Volunteers of Manna Food Bank, Inc.: (a) defines confidential information; and (b) specifies procedures to be followed in managing confidential information.

Definition of confidential information.

Confidential information includes, without limitations, MANNA’s business records, and plans, debate and deliberations, meeting minutes, proposals, criteria or decisions made with regard to the business of MANNA, financial statements, any information concerning MANNA’s current or former clients, donors, volunteers, personnel, policies and procedures, and/or any technical information, computer programs and databases, copyright, and other intellectual property and proprietary information of MANNA. Confidentiality in all cases shall be maintained.

Specifies procedures to be followed in managing confidential information.

It is the policy of MANNA that such information must be kept confidential both during and after employment or volunteer service. Upon request of the Executive Committee of the BOD, staff and volunteers, including BOD members, will return material containing privileged or confidential information at the time of separation from employment or expiration of service.

Unauthorized disclosure of confidential or privileged information is a serious violation of this Policy and will subject the person(s) who made the unauthorized disclosure to appropriate discipline, including possible removal/dismissal as determined by the ED and/or Executive Committee of the BOD.

Since confidential information is crucial to the operation of the organization, and because MANNA has the obligation to protect such information, I agree that I will not use, publish or disclose such information during or subsequent to my time volunteering, and that I will preserve the restricted nature of this information except to the extent that it becomes publicly available, or is otherwise lawfully obtained outside the scope of this agreement from third parties.

I hereby certify that I have read, understand and agree to MANNA’s Confidentiality policy as documented above